Getting a good night’s sleep is important, but sometimes it can be difficult to let go of what’s happened during the day and relax enough to fall asleep.  Apartment Therapy‘s helpful tips will have you sawing logs in no time!
First off, let the events of the day melt away and force yourself to push today’s worries and tomorrow’s happenings out of your mind.  You need to relax so you’ll be able to deal with whatever comes your way in the morning.  All those worries and to-do’s will still be waiting for you tomorrow, so push them out of your head and take a break at night.
Don’t do anything that engages your mind too much before bed.  You want to relax and allow yourself to get sleepy.  Along with this, don’t do anything that causes stress, thereby increasing your cortisol levels, before bed.  No arguing, worrying, or conversations that will get you worked up.  Meditating for ten minutes can really help you keep the peace.
Cut out any food for at least four hours before you turn in.  This will get your body ready to focus on restoring itself at night rather than digestion.  Also, don’t bring anything into your bedroom in the electronic realm:  tvs, computers, iPads and phones are all off-limits.  The bedroom in your apartment is a place for sleep and nookie, and needs to be kept that way.
Nighty night!