Want to be more productive and get more done?  Check out About.com’s habits of super productive people and follow their lead to get more done in your life!
Designate a place for the things you need everyday like your keys, wallet, cell phone, and purse.  You’ve now just gotten back those five (or more!) frustrating minutes you used to spend looking for them everyday.
Very important people like Barack Obama don’t have extra time to spend on getting dressed, so he wears his version of a uniform, a black or navy suit, every single day.  Not quite ready to wear the same thing all the time?  Start small by wearing the same pair of shoes to work everyday, wearing the same outfit every Monday or cultivating your work wardrobe to consist of colors that coordinate so you can pick outfits quickly.
Productive workers don’t interrupt their thought processes by constantly checking their email, Twitter or Facebook.  They sit down and concentrate on work with no interruptions for 30 to 90 minutes at a time, then take a break and check their social media or take a walk around the office.
Multitasking doesn’t really work and productive people know this.  So when you’re trying to get something done, give it all your focus.  Along with this, choose wisely when to get the work done that requires a lot of thought and when to do the mindless tasks.  Pick your most alert time of day to focus on those big projects and do things that don’t require much concentration like answering emails when you are feeling more drained.
People who take care of business complete an activity before beginning a new one so they don’t wind up with a bunch of half-finished projects lying around.
Finally, these superstar producers have goals and take steps to reach those goals.  They set their goals, come up with realistic steps that will help them achieve them, and then get to work on reaching those goals.
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