Tis the season for coziness and festivities!
If you love holiday decorating, but find yourself faced with frustration during the holidays because you feel as an apartment renter you are restricted in your decorating then take a peak at our list of apartment-friendly decor ideas. Take a stab at these fun and festive decorating ideas that are sure to help bring anyone some holiday cheer.
Create a Fake Mantel
Need a cozy place to hang up the stocking this year? No fireplace, well no problem! There are a lot of great DIY faux chimney and mantel projects out there for you. Get creative!
An Alternative Christmas Tree
If you celebrate Christmas and your small apartment isn’t practical for a tree then why not design an alternative.  Consider an outline of a tree in lights on a wall in a common space. Or if you are a bookworm then utilize all those books you already own and stack them in the shape of a Christmas tree.  There are plenty of other ways to create a tasteful Christmas tree in your apartment this holiday season.
Re-purpose Items You Own
Make use of as many items that you already have in your apartment. Just adding some decorative ribbon and festive ornaments in a couple common areas will go a long way. Try to gift-wrap a bedroom door or add a couple pinecones to a kitchen counter vase. Keep it simple, clutter free and festive!
Incorporate Non-Traditional Colors
Everything does not have to bleed red and green in your apartment decor during the holidays. Try incorporating other non-traditional colors such as blue and gold. There are plenty of metallic colors that create a sophisticated holiday look. You don’t have to stick to those primary colors and you just might be able to re-use some of those items after the holidays have passed.  
Maximize Space
If you live in a tiny apartment then make sure to utilize your vertical space and permanent apartment fixtures. Focus on decorating the doorways, windows, and lighting fixtures in your apartment. You can add a lot of holiday charm by draping garland and weaving battery operated lights through your main doorway and living room windows.  Add festive ribbon and bows to items you already own like pillows and pillars. Don’t clutter your apartment with more stuff when you have minimal space. Use your space wisely!

Be sure to check out our Pinterest Board Apartment Holiday Décor Ideas for more inexpensive and gorgeous decorating ideas.  

We feel that even the smallest of spaces is worth decorating. Every apartment should feel cozy and festive during the holiday season. Contact our licensed apartment locators and let them help you find that perfect apartment space where you feel comfortable creating your own holiday escape.