Have you thought about how you and your roommates will keep the common areas of your apartment clean and tidy? One of the biggest issues with apartment living with roommates is making sure everyone does their part before things get messy! Organizing chores between roommates is one of the biggest challenges of living with people. Here’s a 4 step process to help you divide up chores between roommates and ultimately keep your apartment clean.

Step 1: Communicate with all your roommates
You must talk it out with your roommates. Decide, with your roommates, what apartment chores need to happen and how often.

Step 2: Set expectations
Establish your definition of what clean means. Make sure everyone knows what light cleaning means and what deep cleaning entails. Discuss what cleaning products will be needed to keep the common areas clean and how often they need to be purchased.

Step 3: Post the chore schedule
It is important to hold everyone accountable. Post a chore wheel or schedule in a common area of the apartment for everyone to see. If you are worried about roommates not following the chore schedule then set up a penalty system. Perhaps if a roommate that misses their chores repeatedly has to pay for a dinner? Get creative.

Need some examples of chore charts then check out our Pinterest board Chores.

Step 4: Give feedback
It is important that you continue communicating with your roommates. If something is not working for you then let your roommates know so that you can make adjustments. It will make your living situation so much better if everyone is happy!

How do you and your roommates organize your chores? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below or on our Facebook.

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