Do you have money issues haunting you? Don’t let bad credit stop you from renting your next apartment. Yes, your credit history is highly important when renting an apartment, but it is not the only factor that is taken into consideration on your rental application. Although it can be difficult, there is a process to help you approach the situation.

Step 1: Be prepared. Know your credit history and be prepared to address any errors in the report with the proper documentation. If you have had any progress in repairing your credit report have the proof ready. If another creditor who you have had a positive payment track record is willing to vouch for you, then get it in writing. Finally, gather your bank statements and any proof of solid income, such as a payroll stub, and be ready to be open and share with your future landlord.

Step 2: Get support. Asking your current landlord to provide you with a letter of recommendation might help you get that next apartment. Have a guarantor, who has good credit, ready to cosign if needed. Don’t be caught off guard, and have your checkbook ready to pay any large deposits at the time you submit your application. Do whatever it takes to show your next landlord that you are serious about being a responsible renter.

Step 3: Work with a licensed apartment locator. Apartment locators are experts in working with customers who have bad credit and other issues. They have an up-to-date database in place, and will run a tailored search based on your situation and needs. They will work with the apartment complex to determine if you likely meet the qualification standards prior to previewing an apartment, which can save you waste application fees. An apartment locator will work for you and help you put your best foot forward as a rental candidate.

Bad credit does not always mean you don’t know how to manage your money.  We have all faced financial setback that has been out of our control. A licensed apartment locator can help guide you in finding your next apartment – even with a poor credit score – and make the process as smooth as possible.