If you have to #ShareABathroom with your roommate, you may find it is the source of lots of fights, but it doesn’t have to be!  With Apartment Therapy’s tips, your #apartment bathroom will be a peaceful refuge.
Always talk to your roommate about when you will need to be in the bathroom.  Don’t wait until they’re in the shower and get upset with them because you need to get in and brush your teeth before you dash out the door.
Make a schedule of who uses the bathroom when.  If you can make it work that one of you showers at night and one in the morning, things will be super smooth.  Otherwise, you need to have a discussion on when both of you will get ready.
As far as keeping the bathroom tidy, always clean the drain after you’ve taken a shower and put on a new toilet paper roll if you use the last of the old one.  Buy more if you put on the last roll.  Finally, schedule a weekly deep clean where both of you work together to get the bathroom in tip-top shape.  But be aware that if you have a higher standard of cleanliness than your roommie, you’ll probably be doing more work.  Accept it and move on.
If you need to shower at a different time or for longer than usual, always let your roommate know.  Also, always put all your things away after you are done using it, but be patient with your roommate if they are occasionally in a hurry and don’t put away something.
Be respectful of each other and your needs, and your bathroom can be a peaceful retreat!
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