Making Guests Feel at Home is an important job as a host or hostess.  And one of the ways you can make your travelling friends or family feel more comfortable is by having certain technology solutions on hand for their use.  Apartment walks us through how to make sure your guestroom is equipped to handle your guest’s cell phone, computer, you name it!

Providing a USB docking station for your guests to plug in their phone, camera, Kindle, IPad, what-have-you is a wonderful convenience when it’s time to charge back up that battery for a sightseeing tour or to read a book before bedtime.  Along with this, a power strip is another great item to provide so your guests won’t have to be crawling under the bed or searching behind bookshelves to find an outlet and discovering your dustbunnies.

Your guests will inevitably want to use your wireless network, and if you leave the network name and password on a post-it on the fridge, they will be able to find it easily and conveniently.  If you’re concerned about having it that prominently displayed, leaving it in their room in an obvious place also works well.

For entertainment, give your guests instructions on how to operate Netflix Instant, if you have that, or your cable if you are a subscriber, so they can keep themselves occupied if rainy days keep them indoors.  Finally, if you host guests from all over the globe, have a set of international plug adapters ready for them to convert their electronics to be used with U.S. power.

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