Moving can be really stressful for your dog, just as it can for you, but your dog’s anxiety is compounded by the fact that they don’t understand exactly what is going on. has a list of helpful ways you can make sure Fido’s travel to their new home is as smooth as possible.
Make sure you have a dog crate that your pooch can comfortably stand up and lie down in so your dog will have a safe place to be whether in the car or in a hotel room.  This keeps them from causing any trouble while you’re travelling.  You also need a leash and collar to safely allow your pet to take a walk and go to the bathroom on the road without having to worry about him running into traffic.  Frequent stops will quiet his anxiety.  Make sure you’ve brought doggie bags so you can be a responsible pet owner and pick up your dog’s waste.
In case your dog has an accident, which can be more likely when in an unfamiliar place, bring along dog wipes so you can wipe up any messes.  Speaking of anxiety, you might discuss with your dog’s vet whether it would be a good idea to give your dog tranquilizers on the trip, especially if you have a particularly nervous dog.  
Be sure to have food and water, along with bowls for each, easily accessible.  That way you’ll be sure that your pet doesn’t get dehydrated and will be well-fed, especially since it can be difficult to find your dog’s food along the road.  Along with that, pack some of your dog’s favorite treats and some toys so he can get some playtime in.
If your new destination will be cold, be sure to bring a dog sweater and booties to protect your pup from the elements.  A further step to ensure your dog’s safety is to pack your dog’s vet’s contact information and vet records.  That way, if your dog gets sick along the way and you have to stop at an unfamiliar vet, you can give the veterinarian your dog’s information.
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