The new Austin City Council only has one returning member, and they plan to use their new status by learning from the old Council’s mistakes.  Time Warner Cable News reports.
The new council is currently going through an orientation, and yesterday the Travis County Attorney told them about how the previous council had gotten in trouble using walking quorums in 2011.
Walking quorums are when a majority of the council members discuss business outside of an official meeting, which is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.  The new council said that they hope to prevent a similar problem by having more meetings.
The new Mayor, Steve Adler says that he considers being transparent an important part of council’s job and that you can get things done while still being transparent.  He said it was important for the council to know the rules so they can do both.
The council and mayor will be discussing city issues via an online message board, which will allow the public to see what is going on.  A new law the Texas Legislature passed recently allowed this to happen and Austin is the first city in Texas to try the technology.
What do you think of the new 10-1 Council?  Are you excited about the chance to have a more direct voice in the council?  Or worried they will get bogged down with so many competing opinions?
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