If you don’t pay rent, there are several consequences your landlord can inflict on you by law.  The Texas Apartment Association lays out what your landlord can do as a remedy if you don’t pay rent.
First, your landlord will most likely inflict late charges onto your account, which will increase the amount you owe, as the late charges are in addition to your rent.  Second, if your lease includes a clause giving your landlord permission, they can enter your apartment and take your belongings as collateral until you pay your rent.  The items they can remove include items like televisions, stereos, sports equipment, etc.  The items they take can even be sold to pay for rent if your landlord gives you notice as lined out in the statute.
If the landlord gives you notice as they are required by the Texas Property Code, you can be locked out of your apartment or house and will have to get in touch with the manager to re-enter your apartment.  The landlord also has the right to file for eviction and report the fact you didn’t pay rent to consumer reporting agencies.  This can effect not only you being able to get credit, but renting another apartment will be very difficult if you have a non-payment on your record.  Even potential employers may pull your credit report and red flags like rent non-payment can prevent you from getting a job.
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