There are lot of things associated with the holidays that are hazardous to our little four-legged friends.  Plus the fact that they will be spending more time alone while we go to holiday gatherings or get shopping and other errands done means they may be more likely to get into things they would have ignored otherwise.  Follow Apartment Therapy’s guidelines and keep your furry loved one happy and safe this Christmas.
Mistletoe and Holly are both poisonous to cats and dogs, so don’t use it or use artificial versions if you really want to decorate with these holiday staples.
If you have cats, it’s best to have a fake tree.  The toxicity levels in most Christmas trees can cause an upset stomach and vomiting in cats.  (Dogs won’t have a problem with fir trees.)
If you do use a real tree, cover the water where dogs can’t get to it.  The pesticides and fertilizers in the water that have come off the tree can have deadly consequences for dogs.
Cover electrical cords that go to lights with tape and attach them to the floor so your curious cat or dog won’t chew on them.
If you are going to be leaving your pets with a sitter, make sure they are on the lookout for signs that your pet has ingested something dangerous, like broken bulbs or chewed cords.  Leave your emergency vet’s number just in case and make sure your pet sitter knows what to do in an emergency.
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