Renting with roommates can be good and bad. Open communication and mutual understanding can keep the relationship and situation positive. The Texas Apartment Association offers this advice.


  • If you’ll be sharing the rent with a roommate, make sure you both understand your responsibilities.
  • If you both sign the lease, each of you will be responsible for the full amount of the rent if the other does not pay.
  • If your roommate moves out before the end of the lease, you’ll still be responsible for all the rent.
  • If you need to find another roommate to help with expenses, your new roommate will need to be approved by the property owner, and you may need to sign a new lease or a lease addendum.
  • An unauthorized occupant is not considered a roommate and is not responsible for fulfilling the terms of the lease. If you move, any unauthorized occupant is not responsible for the remaining lease term and you, alone, will be required to fulfill any terms required by the owner in relinquishing your occupancy of the unit prior to the end of the lease term.