It doesn’t really matter how you found the roommate, once you enter into a lease agreement you both share in the same legal responsibilities. These three effortless tips will help anyone who is renting an apartment with roommates maintain those mundane details that can make or break a living situation.
Tip 1: Never volunteer to be the sole account holder. 
If your name is on all of the accounts then you are the one who is legally responsible for it all.  Don’t volunteer to put all the utilities under your name. If a roommate were to leave without paying their share of the bills then you would be the one stuck holding the bill.  Play it safe and split up the bills equally. It is extremely helpful if you set up an area in your communal area where you display all the bills and document who owes whom for what bills. Your living environment will run a whole lot smoother if everything related to money remains as transparent as possible.
Tip 2: Have a heart to heart with your roommates and set boundaries. 
Before you move in sit down and communicate with those who you are going to invest into the living arrangement with. It is always a lot less stressful situation if you discuss potential situations before they occur. Set rules and consequences!

Discuss major issues such as:
  • How rent and utilities will be paid. 
  • Who will live in which room? Set up those plus-one rules!
  • Cleaning of the communal areas.
  • Food sharing!
  • Loud noise. Remember to designate quiet times.

Tip 3: Prepare for worst-case scenarios. 

Negative behavior from one roommate can affect everyone.  Become fully informed when it comes to your rental agreement.  Plan for how you will handle moving out before the lease ends as well as any disagreements among roommates.  Remember you are legally bound to a roommate and a judge will enforce any financial agreements.

Renting with roommates takes commitment so you should take the thought of housemates serious. It is very common for two or more people to rent an apartment together as roommates, and our apartment locators are experts in helping roommates find a place together to call home. Contact Apartments Now and let us help you make sure you are renting the right way with roommates so that you are not the one left in the unfavorable situation.