If you were part of the 92% of San Antonians that occupied apartments last year then your checkbook is definitely feeling a little lighter.

San Antonians renting an entry-level apartment complex, or Class C apartment, paid $0.89 more per square feet in rent last year. Over the past few years, Class C apartments have been subject to makeovers to keep up with the luxury rental market and to offset the cost of those improvements landlords have risen the rent.

Class C apartments were not the only types of apartments to experienced the rent hike last year. Renters in mid-level apartments saw a $1.15 per square feet rise in rent, while high-end apartments had a $1.26 per square feet increase. Even with the cry for more lower-priced rents for the working class resident, it has been predicted that rent will continue to rise at about the same rate in the upcoming year.

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