In a hectic world trying to get a hold on your home can feel like a overwhelming project, especially if you have children. Banish your apartment clutter, and get the whole family organized this year with these three simple tips – no matter how small the home!
Make it kid friendly
Children are full of energy and they will find a way to get into everything, so prepare your home for it. Set up your apartment so that it is kid friendly, and have fun doing it. For example, buy dark furniture to hide any accidental stains and spills.  If you have younger children then try adding a chalkboard wall, and have them write on that versus the walls. Create a space for them on your patio or balcony with outdoor toys so they can play. Even in a small apartment, you can still create space that is kid friendly.
Build it slowly
Build organization into your home slowly so that you can remain present with your children. Your entire apartment is not going to get organized in one day, nor is it going to look like those in the catalogs. Create a daily routine for the whole family, and do not set high expectations. Begin room by room and take it day by day. Eliminate items you do not need first, then figure how you will organize and put away what you are keeping. As long as you start to eliminate the chaos and clutter and you are happy, then you are on the right track! 
Everything has a place
If you live in an apartment with kids, then you should definitely manage what comes in and out of your home since your space is limited. Organize a main place in your home to house everyday items such as shoes, coats, and bags. Your apartment life will be so much easier if you make sure that all the children’s items have a place to call home. Whether it is toys, art supplies, or video games; use baskets and shelves to help you organize the clutter. If you are short on closet space and don’t have an extra room dedicated to the kid, purchase an organizer and make clean up a whole lot easier. Create smart tricks to help keep your kids items organized.  Make sure to check out our Pinterest board for more kid-friendly organizational ideas.
Make it a family affair
Taking part in chores is a tradition in many families. It helps teach your kids about responsibility while teaching a great lesson. Have a family plan for household organizational tasks. Children love to be included, and this is a great way to get your kids involved in the process. It is good for them to become fully aware of what they own and where it goes in their home. I think you’ll be surprised just how much help the kiddos can be in organizing their own stuff!
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