With all the baking, shopping, card sending, office parties, celebrations, and apartment-decorating going on in the month of November and December it is no wonder we get overwhelmed.  As we wind down 2015 it is important that we don’t also wind down our organization efforts, but rev up our planning skills. Follow this simple 12-step process and enjoy the beautiful season while reducing your holiday stress!
Day 1: Countdown
Start at least a month before the holiday season approaches and plan what those couple of weeks will look like for you. Now is the time to dust off the planner and schedule any days off from work or make any travel arrangements.  Also make sure to RSVP to any office parties or holiday celebrations you have been invited to attend.  Most importantly mark these dates down!
Day 2: Take Inventory
Open up those holiday bins and boxes that have been stored away for almost a year and take inventory of your belongings. Chances are you have not seen this stuff in almost a year so make sure it still works and is in a useable condition.  The same goes for your kitchen pantry. Make sure you know what you are going to need in order to make the holidays as stress-free as possible for you.
Day 3: Make A List and Check It Twice
Utilize a holiday organization spreadsheet or a holiday gift planning printable from my Holiday Organization board on Pinterest and keep yourself organized. Make sure to write down what items you are going to need when you finally get to the stores. Finally, keep your lists in a place that you will look at regularly so that you can remember to cross off your to-dos!
Day 4: Shop
Take your gift planning list and grocery list to the store with you and save time in the process. The expectations of the season can make shopping a very stressful time for anyone. Pre-planning your trip to the store with a list will help you stay on task and budget.  
Day 5: Create A Space
If you have the space then carve out a space in your apartment where you can gift-wrap. Keeping the clutter to a minimum will help you make room for guest. Check out our Holiday Organization board on Pinterest for more apartment-friendly ideas!
Day 6: Cards
Remember that holiday cards do not have to be perfect! Sit down one day and knock them all out so you can focus on other duties and events. Organize those cards that you receive and do not clutter up apartment counters or your mail bin with them. Our Holiday Organization board on Pinterest has a lot of great ideas that would look great in any apartment!
Day 7: Decorate
If you have a weekend at home then take advantage of that time and do nothing but decorate your apartment for the season. Get yourself into the mood and put on some music and get creative! We have lots of great apartment-friendly decor ideas on our Holiday Organization board on Pinterest!
Day 8: Gift Wrap
Now comes the fun part! Dive into your wrapping center and have fun doing it. Make sure to remove price tags, include gift receipts, and label every gift.
Day 9: Bake and Crafts
Spend a day in your apartment kitchen and bake all your holiday goodies! This is a perfect day to complete any craft projects you want to complete this season. Tis the day to get your hands a little dirty!
Day 10: Traditions
Make sure to enjoy the holidays and if you have traditions then make time for them.  
Day 11: Last-Minute Trips
Take a day to tie up any loose ends that need to get done, but you haven’t found the time to do it. Create a list on a wipe-down white board and keep a running of list. Take a day to just complete them. 
Day 12: Enjoy!
Take the time to spend with those that matter the most and enjoy all your organizational efforts and hard work!

Good organization skills during the holidays can free up must needed time and help you manage holiday stress. The holiday season is also a great time to rent an apartment and staying organized during your apartment search is just as essential. Let us help you in your apartment search and make the holidays that much more stress-free for you!