Studio: An apartment containing one main room. Also known as an efficiency or a flat. Typically everything is combined into one large room (living room, kitchen, bedroom), except the bathroom which is separate.

Decorating a studio apartment does not have to be a small space living challenge.There are plenty of perks to renting a small space, and just because you lease one doesn’t mean that you cannot create the home of your dreams. Learn to make the most of your one-room abode, and have it all even in a small space!

It will cost you less. 
Not only do studio apartments cost less to rent, but you will also spend less to decorate it. Since you are spending less on rent, you will have a little more to splurge on decorating your apartment. Therefore, it will be even easier for you to stay on budget!  Need more studio decorating ideas? Check out all of our apartment small space hacks on Pinterest.

Less furniture to buy. 
You will not have to buy a lot of furniture to fill up your studio space. All you need are a few key pieces positioned in the right places. Utilize multi-purpose pieces to save on furniture clutter. Be sure to check out all of our multi-use furniture ideas on Pinterest.

Surrounded by only the things you love.  
Yes, studio apartments do come with less square footage but remember you still have to fit all your belongings into that one room abode. Don’t forget to declutter and only keep the items that you absolutely love. 

Set your own floorplan.
If you have a super small studio apartment it is vital that you plan out your space.You get to decide what area of the apartment is going to be your bedroom, and where to set up your closet. It is a great opportunity to get dressed where the lighting is the best, and to sleep where it is most comfortable for you. Maximize your limited space and remember it is okay to stray away from the traditional floor plans.
Multi-tasking is a breeze.
Since everything you own is in one room then everything should be easily accessible. Utilize the vertical space in your studio and work with your walls. Hang up an organizational system to help you stay organized and clean.

Have any other tried-and-true ideas to decorating a studio apartment? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

When you live in a small space, you must make every inch count.  Our apartment finders are experts in helping renters find the perfect studio apartment with just enough space.  Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect apartment for you and your budget!