Sharing a kitchen, and especially a refrigerator, with roommates can be difficult, but it’s not impossible, promise!  Check out Ideal Home Garden’s tips for sharing a kitchen and keep the peace in your #apartment.
First of all, provide equal room for everyone in the house to store their food.  This may mean you can’t buy items in bulk unless you have a palacial kitchen, but it’s only fair to allow plenty of space for everyone to store their stuff.  Designate shelves for each person in the cabinets and in the refrigerator.  Institute a rule that if someone eats something belonging to another member of the household, they have to replace it within 24 hours.  
Be generous when you have too much of something.  Offer to share extra food with roommates, especially produce, which has a limited shelf life.  Your roommate is likely to return the favor.
If you are relatively close to your roommate, consider going grocery shopping together.  You can buy items that both of you will need and split the cost, plus you’ll also know who bought something and when it was bought so you can easily determine whose turn it is to replace it when it’s gone.
Put a chalkboard or whiteboard in the kitchen and use it to write down things that need to be replaced when you use them up.  It’s also a great way to keep track of a chore schedule and any other reminders.
If you use a dish, wash it and put it away.  That way no one person is getting stuck doing the dishes and the sink doesn’t start looking like a science experiment.  With that, bigger chores need to be divided and shared, and a schedule needs to be made so the kitchen doesn’t get disgusting.
Finally, if something has expired, throw it out!  There’s nothing worse than stinking up the entire kitchen with spoiled milk or worse accidentally ingesting some of the awful stuff!
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