If you are moving out of your apartment soon then you are probably finding yourself a little stressed out right about now. Check out these helpful packing tips that are sure to make your next apartment move a little more organized and a little less painful.

Color code your moving boxes

Don’t get lost in the boxes! Purchase a different color of duct tape for each room in your apartment, and use it to label the boxes so that they are easily identifiable and color coded by room. It will make finding your personal items that much easier!


Leave your closet hanging

Keep it simple! Cut a hole at the bottom of a trash bag, and slip hang your closet items into your new home. Then use your color coded tape to designate what room the items belong in.


Make shrink wrap your new BFF

Use it everywhere you can! Buy several rolls of shrink or cling wrap and use it to roll up your kitchen utensils, bathroom items, bedroom drawers, and even your jewelry. Items are guaranteed to stay in place during your move. 


Need more ideas? Check out our Moving Hacks board on Pinterest. 

Moving can be a stressful time, but with proper planning it does not have to be!  Plan ahead, work with an apartment locator, and stick to your schedule and you’ll be enjoying your new home in no time!