We’ve all seen the crazy lately with tiny houses and while they are charming and all there are still many individuals who find it challenging to decorate such a tight space. If you are thinking about jumping on board the tiny living movement,downsizing your apartment, or renting a studio apartment here are our top three small space decorating woes and how you can combat them.  

Not Enough Rooms
One of the issues renters encounter the most when downsizing is that they no longer have this or that room; therefore creating a hodgepodge of decor items. When decorating a small apartment you need to set two goals – be creative and get organized. If you don’t love it then don’t keep it. Start thinking out of the box by either playing with the existing floor plan, or try to mix-match your decor items. Nobody says your kitchen cannot also double as your office or that your office cannot be in the closet. Here are a few decorating ideas that incorporate multi-purpose furniture that can help you create a multiple room situation.   

Lack of Storage 
Teeny-tiny apartments can lack in storage space, but that does not mean you have to live out of boxes. Take advantage of every inch in your apartment by using corners and vertical space. Here are some creative ways to add storage to any small apartment while also dressing up the space.


Too Cramped
Small apartments tend to have a small and cozy feeling, but once you bring in all your furniture it might begin to feel a little cramped. Try adding a mirror or two or three! Not only does a mirror add the illusion of more space and depth to a room, but it can also help brighten up the small space.

Source: DesignSponge

We feel that no matter the size of the space every apartment is worth decorating. Our apartment finders work daily with renters who are interested in living in a small apartment. Contact us today and let our experts help find you the perfect place to call home!