Smaller apartments have their benefits, lower rent and coziness, but they also lack in space and therefore many renters find it challenging to decorate. Just because you rent a tiny apartment does not mean you have to sacrifice style and decor. Utilize these simple decorating tips to help you maximize square footage while making the most of the space you call “home sweet home”. 
Define the space around you.
Get creative with your space, but make sure that everything you have has more than one purpose in your apartment. For example utilize an area rug to separate one big room into a smaller space, while also using it to cover up unattractive flooring. Only use pieces of furniture that are easy to rearrange like an everything tray, which can serve dual purposes.  Flexibility is key in a tiny apartment!
Think up and not out.
Add some character to your walls and hang up shelving or artwork. Sneak in some storage with an organizational system to keep a room from becoming overly cluttered. Utilize the vertical space in your apartment, and avoid overcrowding a room with extra furniture. Renting a tiny apartment does not mean you cannot do it all with style so add your flare!
Don’t overlook the nooks and crannies.
Rethink those spaces that go unused. Think about adding shelves over doorways, or placing hanging racks on the back of doors. Make the lack of space work for your needs, and don’t hold yourself to the traditional home.
Keep the room light and bright.
Softer colors reflect light, and that will help make a small space feel less cramped. Allow as much natural light as you can to enter the apartment, and do not opt to cover up your windows with curtains. Sprinkle color all throughout the room and do not be scared to go bold; metallics work great in any room. Remember your space is a reflection of your style so use colors and patterns that you love – no matter how small the space!
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