Many Americans find it appealing to rent, as is evident with the increasing development of multi-family housing. If you are getting ready to look for that next apartment here is an easy-to-follow timeline to help make your new apartment search process just a little easier on you. Simplify your life with a game plan in place.

120 days before moving out
The time when your lease expires holds just as much importance as to when you signed it. Make a note of the move out date and the terms associated with it. While the calendar is open start pondering your move out date. It will be easier on you if you start preparing yourself now for the move.

Moving is a costly expense, and you do not want to get yourself into a financial bind. Calculate how much you need to start saving so that you are monetarily ready for the expenses that will hit your pocketbook.

90 days before moving out
Prepare your written notice, and put it in a safe place. Once you have secured your next apartment you can go back and complete it with your move out date and signature. Make sure you are in compliance with your lease terms.

60-30 days before moving out
Make an appointment with a licensed apartment locator. They will be key in helping you find your next apartment, while saving your time and money. If you pre-plan accordingly you will be able to secure your next apartment before giving notice to your current landlord. This will give you the opportunity to ask for more time in your current apartment if needed.

Most apartments become available 30-60 days before the date you are looking to move in, and if you want to have options then start searching earlier versus later.

Be ready with your criteria, proof of income/any bank statements when you meet with the apartment locator. Take your checkbook to the appointment so that you can submit an application fee or security deposit. You want to be prepared to secure an apartment if you find the one!

Once you have secured your next apartment submit your written notice to move out to your current landlord, and rest easy knowing you have secured a new home with the help of an expert.

30 days before moving out
It is now time to start packing your personal belonging because your move out date will be here before you know it! This is a good time to book your moving company, and schedule any time off from work that you might need to move. Remember to forward any mail with your local post office, and notify any creditors of your move.

Moving can be a stressful time, but with proper planning it does not have to be!  Plan ahead, work with an apartment locator, and stick to your schedule and you’ll be enjoying your new home in no time!